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  • Welcome to Themis

    THEMIS INTERNATIONAL is headquartered in Haarlem, the Netherlands, and also has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.

    Themis International provides all-round e-commerce, anti-fraud and web appliance development services. We serve a varied customer base of larger and smaller businesses, both in the Americas and in Europe.

    Our solutions

    Themis International specializes in easy-to-implement, highly customizable e-commerce solutions. We are able to develop, host and facilitate professional payment solutions for small and large web shops.

    We combine efficiency and excellent customer service with a practical and realistic approach to e-commerce. We help you find the best solution for your situation, whether it is bespoke and specially developed, or a simple out-of-the-box solution made to work for you.

    Our Values

    We uphold high standards in every aspect of our work.

    At Themis International we take pride in being:


  • Activities of Themis

    Today's fast-paced global economy forces e-commerce professionals to deal with complex technological challenges.

    To stay ahead of the competition and sustain consistent profits, a great deal of adaptability is required. Your company should be able to share information quickly and securely, not only within your own organization but also externally, up and down the supply chain.

    This holds true even more when it comes to processing payments from your customers. However, the complexity and cost of processing and regulating information streams increases with every day that passes.

    Themis International offers a clear path out of the technological tangle. Offer your customers simple, safe and smooth transactions with our professional payment solutions.

    Themis helps your organization deal with the ever-ongoing changes in business and technology. Our relationship with our clients is a partnership — we employ our experience, best practices and tools to meet your unique requirements. We offer a wide range of solutions within these key areas:

    Payment Provision
    Fraud Protection
    E-Commerce Solutions

    Our Objectives

    Themis pursues two objectives:

    1. To provide you with a clear idea of the technologies and solutions most relevant to your interests.

    2. To shed light on how these technologies and their evolution will positively impact your business.

  • How Themis can help

    Every industry has its own specific requirements and challenges.

    The technological priorities of health care organizations are completely different from those of the telecommunication business, while consumer product companies may face challenges that are nonexistent in the service industry.

    Themis has a team of industry experts who are fully devoted to solving problems and making advancements within their respective industries. We have developed tools, methodologies and best practices based on years of experience with companies in most all major industries.

    We take care to ensure we fully understand your business's needs before making suggestions for possible solutions. We work with you to develop a clear path to realistic project goals

    Unique challenges call for unique solutions.

    With our many years of expertise and extensive market knowledge, we have built a strong foundation to guide your company through its technological transformation. We will be with you every step of the way, leaving you free to focus your energies where they are most effective.


    We currently have an entry-level opening for a JAVA programmer. Knowledge of or experience with LIFERAY is required. Are you interested in joining our young and enthusiastic team? Send us your CV and a short motivation today!


    We are also looking for a front end developer with some experience in Ajax, HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, jQuery and similar. Please apply by filling out the form to the right.


    Do you think you have something to contribute to our team? Send us your CV (text or PDF format) and a short motivation, and who knows?

    Inquiries and applications

    Thanks for your inquiry!  We will be in touch soon.

    THEMIS INTERNATIONAL provides safe solutions that suit your company

    At Themis we deal with a variety of payment providers and their different implementing solutions on a daily basis. We continually confront situations that require a secure IT-environment.

    The rapidly changing face of internet technology means that there are more and more possibilities to abuse secure data with malicious intent.

    Our development team

    is constantly developing new methods to prevent such abuse. In co-operation with a range of organizations, we have gathered as many valuable data as possible to process into our fraud protection system.

    Our developers draw on a wealth of experience which enables them to utilize those valuable data in the form of blacklists, fraud detection algorithms and fraud prevention checks.

    More about our solutions

    Not every business is best serviced with a one-size-fits-all approach

    Sometimes, slight adjustments to existing software can save you hundreds of dollars, not to mention a lot of headache. Or maybe your business requires a more sophisticated solution than anything currently available.

    Our development team loves nothing more than the challenge of finding out what works for you... and then working hard to make that a reality.


    Online shopping carts are the most basic form of e-commerce

    but they are prone to malicious attacks, hacking attempts and fraudulent transactions. Themis can work with any type of shopping cart software to create a secure and pleasant shopping environment for your customers.

    Our developers

    have extensive knowledge and experience in the following areas and applications:

    Magento | PrestaShop | OSCommerce
    Zen Cart | Shopify | CS-Cart
    Drupal | Wordpress | Joomla

    We would love to develop a bespoke solution fitting your company's requirements. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and wishes.

    Payment Services

    Besides building on existing shopping cart applications, we can also develop custom solutions from the ground up. Our solutions are fast, flexible, scaleable and will suit your organization to a T.

    We specialize in fraud-proof payment solutions for medium-sized e-tailers (up to 500 transactions a day), but our approach works equally well for larger shops. Smaller-scale operations generally work well with one of our ready-made payment schemes. Please see under Payment for more information.


    In the global economy, the need for effective online payment services is higher than ever

    As an e-tailer or online seller, you are completely dependent on the capacity to process online payments quickly, safely, and efficiently. There are no second chances: your customers must be able to trust that their transactions are handled with the utmost care.

    Our expertise

    As an accredited and experienced payment provider, we know all there is to know about online transactions. We can make sure all legitimate payments are processed securely while also making sure no suspicious transaction slips through unchecked.

    Our network

    As an experienced player in this field, Themis can rely on a network of trusted professionals in the online payment industry. Our spotless reputation secures payment provision contracts and helps you meet all legal requirements.

    Navigating the many available options for online payment solutions requires patience and skill

    You don't want to spend precious hours figuring out how to apply, comply, adapt and implement. You just want to run your business and allow your customers to pay you quickly and easily. No matter what type of business you're in.

    So let Themis worry about the details, leaving you free to focus on the bigger picture.

  • Payment provider

    THEMIS INTERNATIONAL arrange merchants the capability to accept online payments safely and efficiently.

    As an online business, you may find the many available payment options daunting to say the least. Credit cards, new generation payment services such as PayPal and Moneybookers, and online banking, direct debits and bank transfers are just a few of the options.

    Online payment options

    Through the secure online payment solutions of Themis International, you can safely and quickly accept:

    - Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Am Ex)
    - Debit Cards
    - Bank Transfers
    - iDEAL
    - Sofortüberweisung
    - Paypal, Moneybookers, etc

    How it works

    Themis can arrange the secure processing of payments,

    You will no longer have to worry about how to get accredited for card payment processing. All payments are scrutinized by our anti-fraud software, and you will be notified of possible fraudulent transactions right away.


    One of the biggest concerns for any business that relies on online transactions is fraud.

    Themis has a proven track record in the prevention of fraudulent transactions while at the same time facilitating smooth processing of legitimate payments.

    Anti-fraud modules

    Even if you have already found a payment provider you're happy with, Themis can provide attractively priced anti-fraud check packages to fit your needs.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us and we will draw up a quote based on your number of transactions and the nature of your business and customer base.

    Why you should care

    Our fraud prevention filters have been saving our clients thousands of dollars every year. The efficacy of the filters is apparent from the moment we start applying them to your transactions.

    You can read more about our anti-fraud software under Development.

  • PCI Compliance

    All merchants are required to be PCI compliant

    There are no exceptions to the rule: if you are in the business of selling goods or services online, you must achieve compliance. For this, you must adhere to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, which safeguards correct processing of sensitive data for all card brands.

    As a merchant, you must demonstrate compliance with your acquiring bank. This can be done by filing a report from an approved scanning vendor to prove that your infrastructure is secure and is 100% free of critical vulnerabilities.

    Themis helps ensure that the cardholder data in your store are protected.

    PCI Compliance is a critical component in the minimization of risks and maximization of protection for your company.

    Why should you care?

    PCI compliance is an extremely serious matter. The ramifications of non-compliance can be dire indeed.

    If your systems are not PCI-compliant, your business is at extreme financial risk. Perhaps you have even received notifications about it from your bank already. Non-compliance can cost you money, time, and reputation. Compromising cardholder data can lead to fines in excess of $500,000.

    But by complying with PCI requirements, you're not just meeting your legal obligations and protecting your own best interests. You're also helping to build a culture of trust and security that will benefit all parties involved in online payment processing.

  • The International Network

    that we have built up over the years consists of banks, payment providers and peer companies.

    Thanks to this network, we are able to provide safe and secure payment processing services even to high-risk niche markets.

    Located in Haarlem, the Netherlands, and with branch offices in the States and the UK, we are able to provide a combination of high-end customer service and a range of technical and programming skills, all at the most competitive rates.


    We don't just rely on the physical security our datacenter provides. Our developers work ceaselessly to ascertain that all our systems are secure. Financial data must be protected by the most stringent security technologies at all times, and this is a requirement Themis takes extremely seriously.


    Themis is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001:2000 certified. Our PCI Compliance solution has been tested and approved by MasterCard International (cert #4087-01-02).

    Our partnerships with banks and professional organizations, carefully built up over the years, enable us to access a vast network for your benefit.

  • The Themis International Network

    is committed to giving clients the highest quality services possible.

    In order to achieve this, Themis International hosts its servers in an advanced modern datacenter facility: the EvoSwitch next generation datacenters. This facility not only provides reliable security, but also considers its impact on the environment, striving continually towards sustainable use of energy.

    Our Datacenter

    is surrounded by steel fencing and equipped with Vesda fire detection, an Argonite fire extinguisher system, CCTV and biometric access control. The site is protected 24-7 by professional security guards.

    Our servers are protected both physically and technologically, ensuring that the data you entrust us with is safe at all times.

    Sustainability and security

    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and N+1 emergency power generators guarantee seamless compensation in case of power outages.

    Although energy consumption is strictly monitored and limited, the center has installed innovative cooling methods based on state-of-the-art technology.

    These measures drastically reduce energy consumption and also ensure hitch-free, glitch-free processing of your data.

  • Partners

    For Monster Mail, we developed a web-shop including a payment module for accepting credit card and direct debit payments.

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    For Nextime, we have developed a bespoke payment solution integrated into an advanced multi-shop web environment.

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  • Netherlands


    EvoSwitch Haarlem,


    P.O. Box 3177
    2001 DD Haarlem
    The Netherlands


    Munterslaan 4a
    2014 KW Haarlem
    Tel: +3123 711 2132
    Kvk te Haarlem: 34316346
    TAX nr. NL.82006.8378.B01
    ING: 5756790
    Bank Location: Amsterdam



    4281 Express Lane
    Suite L6791
    Sarasota, FL 34238
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    4281 Express Lane
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    United Kingdom


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    United Kingdom
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    UK Chamber of Commerce:

  • Our AddressLocations

    Munterslaan 4a,
    2014 KW,
    Haarlem, the Netherlands

    Contact us


    In today's online economy, many businesses attract some measure of fraudulent transactions.

    Different niche markets attract different types of fraud. Through years of experience, we can help you determine the biggest threats to your organization, as well as find ways to eliminate these.

    Fraudulent transactions cost you money as well as reputation: chargebacks are to be prevented at all costs, because they may cause your business to become blacklisted.

    High-risk transactions

    Many online businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with payment providers. Especially when you process high-risk transactions, scammers are always looking to abuse loopholes and weaknesses in your systems.

    Chargebacks are costly and risky, so the key is to filter out high-risk transactions before they are processed in the first place.


    Themis develops highly specialized anti-fraud software that filters your transactions in sub-second response times and highlights any suspect details it comes across. Sophisticated algorithms home in on irregularities so that fraudulent chargebacks and other scams are prevented.

    Our anti-fraud modules are available for direct application in most shopping cart systems. However, we will also be happy to develop a bespoke solution fitting your exact requirements.

  • E-Commerce Software

    There are numerous shopping cart systems available. Some are free and some are not. But which one do you need?

    Themis has developed, hosted and implemented many online shopping systems, and that is how we know one thing: one size does not fit all.

    Rather than trying to push a single software packet on you because it's all we know, we are actually familiar with most packets on the market. This means we can tailor the solution exactly to your company.

    Your own webshop

    When you start your own online business, there is enough to worry about without getting into the technical details. So with Themis, we'll worry about those, and you can focus on your customers and your products.

    Hosting & design

    Themis gets your shop up and running in no time. We can provide a fitting design, host your site, process your payments and help you set up action plans for every step of the way.

    Shopping Software

    Themis is experienced with Magento, PrestaShop, OSCommerce, Zencart, and many other e-commerce software packets. We can implement these systems, select appropriate modules and modifications, and build custom modifications as well.

    Please feel free to send us a note detailing your company's requirements - you'll be pleasantly surprised at the range of options we can provide.

  • Fraud Filter


    Amount Average

    Calculates the overall average transaction amount and checks if the incoming transaction amount exceeds the average with a given percentage.

    BIN Country

    Checks for which country this credit card comes from, and compare it against a white/blacklist for a match. It is designed to detect if the credit card is from a “high risk” country. With this filter you are able to either make a blacklist or a whitelist, depending on which countries are specified as “high risk” countries.

    BIN vs IP

    Checks if the credit card and the IP address being used are form the
    same country. This filter detects if for example a German credit card
    is being used from a location in the UK or any other combination of


    Blacklist a transaction on some defined data. This means if the
    transaction data contains the data defined in the blacklist, the filter
    will be triggered.

    Blacklist IP

    This filter gives you the possibility to add an IP address to the
    blacklist and if the IP address is being used to make a transaction
    this filter will be triggered.

    Data Comparison

    This filter checks if the same data has been used before in an earlier
    transaction. For example if the same credit card has been used more
    than once in a defined time frame or if the same IP address, address,
    email, name, phone, etc is being used more than once in a defined

  • Fraud Filter


    Decline Percentage

    If the decline percentage in the VFraud system rises above the defined allowed decline percentage, this filter will be triggered..


    Calculates the distance, in kilometers, between the cardholder address and the shipping address and checks if this distance exceeds the distance specified in the filter

    Free E-mail

    Checks if the e-mail address being used, is a free email.

    Identical Data

    Check if transaction data is identical to another transaction made within a given timeframe. This filter can be set up in many combinations, for example if the two transactions come from the same IP address or they are using the same credit card number.

    IP Country

    Checks from which country this IP is from and holds it against a list of white/blacklisted countries. It is designed to flag transactions that are made from “high risk” countries. It can for example be setup to flag all transactions made from outside EU or from a none-OECD country or any other combination of countries.

    MIN/MAX Filter

    Checks if the transaction amount is within the given interval. This filter is designed to detect if the transaction amount is greater or lower than the predefined amount.

    Proxy Detection

    Screens the transaction against our database of known transparent proxies. If the cardholder is hiding behind a known transparent proxy, this filter will trigger an alarm.

    Shipping Addres

    The filter can be setup to detect if the credit card, the IP address and the recipient of the goods is from the same country.

  • The Netherlands

    Themis Network

    EvoSwitch J.W. Lucasweg 35 Haarlem, Netherlands

    General Post address:

    Themis P.O. Box 3177 2001 DD Haarlem The Netherlands


    Themis Munterslaan 4a 2014 KW Haarlem Netherlands
    Tel: +31 23 7112132



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    United Kingdom

    Themis International

    Themis International Suite 11900, 2nd Floor 145-157, St John Street EC1V 4PY - LONDON United Kingdom
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    Accounting & Finance

    Chamber of Commerce: 6725300 (U.K.) Kvk te Haarlem: 34316346 (N.L) TAX nr. NL.82006.8378.B01
    ING: 5756790
    Bank Location: Amsterdam
    IBAN: NL10INGB0005756790